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Choices ~ Inspire ~ Success

Discover a New Style of Business Working Online!


Imagine having the tools to live a more fulfilling, purposeful and happy life! 

As traditional roles for both men and women are changing in our fast paced and stressful lives, we are searching for balance in our careers, personal lives, and in the roles we play around family.   


We're 'waking up' to a new awareness that we no longer need to work long hours in a job that controls our life!


There is a momentum that is driving us to step up and play a bigger part in creating our own future.

Choosing to create balance around personal and family commitments while still building financial independence is one of the many perks I love about working my online business.

The internet has created new and exciting opportunities, and has bought the world to our doorstep offering choices to those seeking personal control and a more balanced 'lifestyle', where we are no longer locked into working long hours for someone else or having the financial burdens of running a traditional business  


Having the freedom to work your own schedule  is now a way of life for countless people who are creating financial independence working around their personal and family life. There's an abundance of choices and advantages to running an online business in addition to its flexibility, portability and fantastic earning potential.  


My list was long;  I always had a dream of earning at an executive level, for me that was in excess of $250k annually, something I was never able to achieve in my 'working life', or as a traditional business owner.  I wanted a space without age or gender discrimination, and to eliminate any possibility of redundancy. I wanted control in making my own decisions and choices, and that's exactly what I've found working online. As long as I have my laptop and phone with me, my shop door is open..... I can be home based or drinking out of a coconut on a tropical island paradise I simply 'work anywhere at anytime'.

Your  'why' may differ from mine but the results we are searching for will be similar.... control, time freedom and financial independence.

'We don't help anyone by limiting ourselves!'

To Have More You Must Become More!  

This opportunity has been designed to incorporate an award winning personal development product line, coupled with the best compensation plan in our industry category, making it a viable and scalable business model with the potential to earn a multi six figure income on an annual basis.

Personal Development is taking the time and making the commitment to invest in your greatest resource….YOU!


When we commit to our own personal growth the rewards are simply life changing.  Learning the value of pursuing excellence in everything we do, every day is the first step on the path to personal freedom and fulfillment.

Our ‘earn while you learn’ approach allows a person to implement the principles taught in our programme's and  break free from limited thinking while building a profitable and successful business.  And while we can’t create new patterns on top of old ones, we learn how to implement change and start to show up in ways that reflect the truth of who we are and everything in our life reflects these changes.

Self-value and belief are essential if you want to find fulfillment in your work and in your life.

Traditional approaches bring about traditional results, Living In Focus is anything but Traditional!

Have you ever wondered where your thoughts and beliefs came from......are they really your own? 

Do you wonder why you settle for less and live a life that is stressful and unfulfilling? 

Why do other people seem to create success but things are just not happening in your own life?

Do you feel stuck or perhaps frustrated with your  finances, your job or your relationships?

Well, you're not alone and the
GREAT NEWS is, there is a SOLUTION! 
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Why I think you should take a look at this opportunity
So how do you know if this is for you?

80 Billion dollar Personal Self-Development and Leadership Industry.

Unlimited Income Potential with Low Start Up Costs and Minimal Overheads.

80% profit margins earning from $1,800 to $19,000 USD per sale. 

Upfront, leveraged and passive income structure.

Flexible hours, work around your personal and family life.

Simple 3 Step System to follow.

Full working system with exceptional support and training.

Be in Business for Yourself but not by Yourself!

You will be someone who is hard working and purpose driven and is looking to become a business owner.

You will be a big thinker, meaning that you would have a vision of earning a multi six figure income on an annual basis.

You will be a professional, with some energy about you striving for bigger and better results in your life.

You will understand the importance of your own personal self growth and how it goes hand in hand with your overall success in life and in business.


So....if you would like more information, click the 'learn more' button enter your details and I will contact you for a brief conversation and provide you with our detailed Business Overview to go through!

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There are 3 types of people in this world

Those that make it happen,  

those that watch it happen and

those that wonder what happened!