Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell whether an online business is worthwhile?


There are several clear ways: a worthwhile business always focuses on having a unique and well- developed product line; receives third part validation and recognition from awards and reviews; makes no promises of automated systems that make money for you while you sleep; provides strong training and support; creates working relationships with real people who you have access to; shows an obvious dedication to professionalism and quality; demonstrates a strong focus on product sales in addition to recruiting new distributors; makes no promises or guarantees of income; makes common sense.

How do I know if I am qualified to do this business?


No qualifications or previous experience is necessary we will teach you how.  We offer full and ongoing training support and education.  However, we are looking for people who are serious and have the desire and the drive to create positive and lasting change in their life. You will have the desire to succeed financially with a minimum goal of $100k in your first 12 months of business and you will have a do what it takes attitude to get the results you want to see in your future.

What type of person does this business suit?


This opportunity suits anyone who wants to work for themselves, they would be highly motivated to succeed financially.  We have people from all walks of life looking for a better way of life and all with their own reasons 'Why': retirees, sales, management, traditional business owners, accounting, law, tradespeople, corporate,  FIFO workers to stay at home Mum's and Dads all looking for a better way to live, having the ability to earn a great income working around their family.


Are there any start up costs?


Yes, there are start up costs and running costs.  This is a high end business opportunity that requires investment exactly the same as a traditional or franchise business.  The difference being this opportunity does not come with the huge overheads, no staffing issues, no stocking of products or equipment and no borrowing, all this and more is covered in our detailed business presentation. 

How do I know if this will work for me?


There is no guarantee that any business will work whether it is traditional or franchise and online business is no different.  With any business you must back it up with your own belief.  This is a legitimate, high tech internet marketing system that works, as long as you follow it exactly.  You are rewarded for your own efforts!  

Is training and support provided?


Absolutely, your success will be achieved with personal mentoring by myself and other entrepreneurs who have already achieved consistent financial success in their own businesses.  We have live training calls daily and a library of recorded calls and information available to you.  

Do I have to talk to people with this Business?


Yes, you will be required to contact the people who have answered your ads.  You will conduct a brief phone interview to see if there is a potential business fit we will show you how to do this.  This is a numbers game the more people you speak with the more profitable your business becomes. 

How do I find people?


You will place your own ads to attract inquiry.  We will teach you how to do this, if you have marketing experience that's great but the majority of people who start here including myself had never placed an ad before.  

How much time does this business require?


Leverage your time, choose your own hours, and take holidays whenever you wish.  Work from home, from the beach, or while your are taking a 3 month vacation in Europe.  I recommend that you have a few hours a day available.  If you are still working a job, like most of us are in the beginning, just fit as much time in as you can.  We recommend that you have at least 15 to 20 hours per week initially, however many have started here with much less and slowly built it up.

What is the difference between this model and MLM?


MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is such a great concept but you share your profit on every product you sell and the profit margins are usually quite low compared to our business.  It also requires selling to family and friends and organizing parties to sell product. You need a large number of people under you who are actively working their own business to make a significant income. The only time you profit share in this business is during your qualifying sales after that the profit is all yours on all sales for life and you never have to re-qualify.  You are paid first and the profits on sales in this business  range from $1,800 to $19,000 USD.

What do I do Now?


What you need to do now is click the Learn More button below and fill in your contact details.  I will call you personally for a brief phone conversation to establish your goals, nothing too heavy, if we have a good business fit and the potential to work together I will send you our detailed video presentation to go over.  You are also welcome to contact me directly on the numbers below.

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to dance inside my body."  Dele Olanubi