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Hi and welcome to my website Living In Focus,

I count myself fortunate to be part of a growing number of people who love what we do!  To some perhaps that may be a little hard to believe but I really do get excited about what the day will bring.

I admit  that my life was not always this way, for more than 30 years hubby and I built successful businesses in the building and telco industry’s and although it gave us an affordable lifestyle, the reality was it took away our freedom to enjoy it and we realised we were no longer in control…. That’s right… there was always someone else pulling the strings.  It became stressful and demanding and in the end we both knew if we wanted to live long and healthy lives we had to get out.

I knew there was much more to life than what I was doing!

After some serious soul searching I made the decision to move from traditional business to starting my own online venture it was such an easy transition compared to our bricks and mortar business, no expensive start up or overhead costs, just me a home office my laptop and phone was all that I needed. 


No more stressful demands, employee issues and no more chasing overdue payments, jeez that was music to my ears. Finally I was back in the drivers seat…. in control and what happened from that point on, was all on me!

The name 'Living In Focus' is a constant reminder to me that in order to create any kind of success in life be it relationships, career, health or fitness, is we must remain ‘focused’ if we want to achieve our goals.  I had definitely lived part of my life losing ‘focus’ on what I wanted, which ultimately led to frustration, disappointment and at times depression.

The personal development product line with this business opportunity has allowed me to learn more about myself, I didn’t realise it at the time but I came away from the previous industry with a pretty tough attitude.  By implementing what I learned in our courses I was able to make some pretty important changes to my own thinking and I feel so much more confident about where I am in my life and where I’m going.


So…. Here I am as happy as a pig in you know what!

I have found a career that offers so much opportunity and choice, I am free to live, grow and experience life on my own terms and I truly believe it’s how life should be lived.  I work alongside other likeminded people in a positive and supportive environment.

I know that money doesn’t necessarily bring happiness but in my world it’s certainly up there, it allows me to participate in life at another level!  It gives me more choices and much less stress that allows me to ‘Focus’ on the important things in life.

So…. If you’re doing a little soul searching yourself are looking for a change in direction, have a great work ethic and some bold goals to achieve find out today if this opportunity could be a good fit for you too.  It’s never too late to learn and create the success you want… I’m living proof of that!

Just click on the ‘Learn More’ button fill in your details and I will be in touch for a brief conversation and get you in front of our detailed business information to go over.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

 Lyn Epskamp

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The future belongs to those who believe

in the beauty of their dreams!