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Of Lyn Epskamp

Hi and welcome to my website Living In Focus,

I count myself lucky to be amongst a growing number of people who truly love what they do!  I know that probably sounds  cliche but I really do get excited about what the day will bring but also need to confess that my work life was not always this way.  

For more than 30 years we ran businesses in the building and telco industry's and although it gave us an above average living, the reality was we were not in control.... Yep that's right!... their was always someone else pulling the strings.  it was stressful and demanding and the red tape and running costs were off the charts, it had become an emotional roller coaster and in end we both knew we just couldn't carry on and had to get out.


I knew there was much more to life than what we were doing!

My decision to move from traditional to online business was easy and was the difference between being controlled and having control.

Living In Focus is placed in the personal development industry and I work along side other successful business owners who offer a unique perspective in a space where we are actually encouraged to thrive, grow and create the lifestyle we want on all levels!  I earn at an executive level with a product line I love and can truly stand behind, such a contrast to the negative environment we were in.

Already in the 50 plus crowd I wanted the ability to keep earning a great income through out my retirement.  I had a lot more to give and to achieve and I really did enjoy working, being productive.... and I loved the by product of that... money!


So..... here I am as happy as a pig in you know what! 


I have found my forever career, free to live, grow and experience life on my own terms and I truly believe it's how life is meant to be lived.  I'm also passionate about working with people who want to create this level of freedom and flexibility in their own lives!

I've learned that earning a great income allows me to participate in life at another level!  Money simply gives me more choices!

So.... if you’re looking to create a bigger and more abundant life, have a great work ethic and some bold goals.... then find out today if this opportunity could be a good fit for you too!  You're never to old to learn and create the success you want, I'm living proof of that!


Just click on the 'Learn More' button fill in your details and I will be in touch for a brief conversation and get you in front of our detailed business information to go over.

I look forward speaking with you soon.

 Lyn Epskamp

The future belongs to those who believe

in the beauty of their dreams!

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