Pushing Past the Fear!

Online business is blooming, and whether you love it or you don't, it is here to stay!

I love the control I have with mine and there has never been a better time than right now to kickstart your life with an online business. The choices, products and opportunity is limitless you just have to find the one that ticks your boxes. The great thing is all you need is a laptop, phone and the internet and those three things are now a part of life's necessities!

I knew what it was like to admire and be inspired by those who were living and enjoying the lifestyle I also wanted….but for a while I lacked the courage to get started myself! I felt boxed in by mainstream work and I wanted the opposite of that life, something that was flexible and portable and came with great earning potential, but I was fearful about what others would think or say or that I would fail and look stupid.

So I wasted a lot of time standing on the sidelines just dangling my toe in and letting my self-doubt get in the way, but I finally got tired of watching others move past me creating the life of their dreams that I decided it was time to take ownership of my life and I just jumped in, body, mind and spirit, a little dramatic I know but that's what it felt like to me!

Like any business I knew very little in the beginning and wasn’t sure how it worked or even if my tight budget could even support this dream! It was very challenging at first and I was way out of my comfort zone but that was where our personal development product line came in and helped me understand it was my own 'stinkin thinkin' that was stopping me.... I was in my own way…NOTHING else! So once I started working on myself and made the decision to go for it things just started to pop!

And now I am helping others from all around the world start their own online business.

Find out how Cara made her decision to jump in http://bit.ly/2jn6Nr1


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