The Real Reasons People Start Working Online!

Online business or anything with a 'work from home' tag cops its share of flack. Everyone has an opinion and the truth is there really is no right or wrong!

Like everything in our lives it comes down to CHOICE, and is as individual and personal as choosing or changing career paths.

With today's technology working online has become a non traditional career choice for many wanting more. Whether its being there for family or having the freedom to enjoy retirement the internet has created a level playing field.

Find out the reasons why 3 people chose to work in this industry and the driving force behind their decisions in this candid and uncut interview.

Each choosing to work outside what is perceived as the norm to achieve their own personal goals, to take control rather than being controlled in the so called 'normal' working environment! #workfromhome #onlinebusiness #livinginfocus #6figuremums #retirewealthy

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