I'm Not a Man in High Heels!

After 30 years working a business within the building industry I realized that I’d become a man in high heels! I was in a man’s world and to stand my ground I’d taken on a male persona. The industry was full of old school attitudes and old school beliefs! Simply put it was one big ‘pissing contest’.

Why did I stay for so long? Naively, because I thought I could change things just a little, inject a feminine touch, unfortunately the only thing that changed was me. In the end I was stressed and exhausted I felt like I had sold my soul! It was time to get out!

I needed to find a place where other strong and success oriented women like me were given the space to grow and succeed on our own terms and on equal ground. A place that encouraged, supported and inspired. A place that treated us as an equal, free from ageism, where I could finally build a business I was proud of. You know, I actually didn’t believe such a business existed and even when I’d found it, it took a while to realize I had finally found my tribe.

As an intuitive woman entrepreneur you and I know we’re meant for bigger things? If your work no longer excites you, you’ve hit an income ceiling or you know you’ve been playing small for far too long, it's time for change! I'd love to chat and tell you more about what has been making my life so worthwhile for the last few years!

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