Work From Wherever!

Living In Focus is placed in the high end category in terms of earning capacity.  Our high profit margins coupled with our award winning product line separates us from other online business opportunities and is quite literally in a league of its own.  

Learn how you can take advantage of what countless others are doing to achieve time freedom and financial freedom by starting your own online business working from 'wherever you happen to be'.

Our award winning personal development programmes have changed the lives of thousands of people, and teach success principles and success strategies that allow us to gain a greater understanding and clarity of ourselves and how life really works. 

It's only as we become aware of our own beliefs and habits that we are able to make changes and start creating the life we truly desire.  Our curriculum takes the guess work out of how to apply what is being learned through exercises, journaling and implementing these changes into our daily life.

We want people to be successful and strongly believe that
we don't need to settle for what is currently happening
in our life, our career, our health and fitness or our relationships.  We know life can be different, and we should not accept less than what we want.  So whether you're looking for a profitable business model or a way to make incredible changes in your life, we can help.  

We will supply you with a fully automated system to run your business, and work closely with you through the initial setup to help you establish your goals.  You will have web pages, tools to market your business and ongoing training and support from leaders within our community.  You will have everything you need to create and achieve the success you are looking for.


We would expect that you bring to the table the desire to learn and the burning desire to create the future you want to see in your life personally and financially.  Like any business it requires you to be open to new learning and be dedicated to your own success.

The next step is a brief conversation to understand your goals and see if we have the potential of working together, nothing too heavy, we will then get you in front of our detailed video presentation to learn about every aspect of our business model,  the earning potential and compensation plan, the personal development product line and our 3 step system. 


Once you have completed all the information reconnect to get your questions answered and discuss the steps to getting started, if you it's not what you are looking for then that is fine to, we understand this is not for everyone and will simply wish you well, it's as simple as that.  


So if you feel excited and would like to learn more the very first step is to apply by clicking the 'learn more' button below and I will be in touch.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

A Snap Shot!
What this Business is Not.....

We're not Multi Level Marketing (MLM).  We are in a sector unto it self.  We would be surprised if you have seen this type of business model before.

We don't ask you to make a list of family and friends to promote your products or business.  Our marketing is done through online and offline advertising. We teach you how to do this.

Our products are digital so no stock piling, shipping of products or staff to deal with. Simple and easy.

We don't cold call, hold coffee shop meetings and no home parties.

100% Portable - Travels where you do!

The best compensation plan in our category - Make up from $1,800 to $19,000 per sale.

Residual and Leveraged income structure - unlimited earning potential

Product Line within the Personal Development and Leadership Industry

Low Start up costs with 3 entry levels 

Ongoing training, support and education - no experience necessary

Global Opportunity - NO restrictions on where you can market

Flexible hours, part-time (min of 15-20 hours per week), or full time - you choose

Simple 3 Step System and Proven Marketing Plan

Fully automated system to get you started including websites and advertising.

We're looking for "Big Thinkers" who are motivated to create significant personal and financial results, someone who has an income goal of $100k and upwards in the first 12 months of business.  

Are You that person?    

"Always Remember You're Braver than You Believe.....

Stronger than you Seem and Smarter than You Think."


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